ABOUT ZULY Women's clothing boutique Orlando Florida

Women's clothing boutique Orlando Florida

Zuly Boutique is a neighborhood small women's clothing boutique shop located in Orlando.

Zuly Apparel Boutique offers designer quality women's clothing form L.A., New York and Europe at affordable prices.

Clients appreciate the quality of our clothing and fair prices together with the exclusivity they find in our boutique and online store.

Zuly Vazquez, a mother of 3 kids, born in Puerto Rico from Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother. Raised in part by her grandmother Zulema Martinez from Habana Cuba, a recognized designer from the 70's and 80's winner of several fashion designer awards. Zuly is a fashionista who loves to wear fashion clothing on her daily routine no matter were she goes, even to workout.  That's why she decided to create Zuly Apparel.  

Zuly designs every model of leggings from scratch and manufactures with the best fabrics quality available in the market. Started her own company from her home, with her husband's help who is an artist who is been painting with oleo, acrylic and digital since 2002. Alex Herrera artwork is often seen in some of Zuly's design making part of some leggings. 

For her exclusivity and uniqueness is the most important element once the product reaches the highest quality of production, this is why Zuly Apparel leggings are limited editions, every model has a top number of production in order to maintain each model available for a limited time.

Once a model is sold out no one else could buy that same model again. The quality of the product is incredible, it fits everyone from extra small to large, it can be washed for years without loosing its original vibrant colors. Also, there is no way to see through the fabric while you have them on and stretched. Our first time clients always return for more once they feel them and try them on, we have very happy clients and friends.

Photo: Havana, Cuba 2017

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